Release 0.4:Update1

For my release 0.4, i selected continue the project that i work in release 2 & 3 . It is the Teacher Fund project. This is the issue’s link

I ask the owner about the more detail for this issue. But i did not get some useful response by the owner. There are some other people started working on this project . I will do this one by my think. At the same time i will communicate with those who is working on it.

I selected this project base the following concern.

1, I have started this project about 2 month; therefore, i am really know what this project do.

2, I want to working on the company that do the webpage. Doing this project can help me practice and learn more on it. Also, it can be written done on my resume if i do it good.

3, This is our last release, i do not want to work on other project that cost me a lot of time. I need the more time for preparing exam and doing assignment.

4, This issues is that adding a post-login and post-registration , i done a phone case online shopping store before. Therefore, i believe i can finish it perfectly.


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